Indian Baby Names - Boys

An exhaustive alpahabetical Listings of baby names of boys with their meaning. Do remember that you can make multiple selection and send the names also to family and friends.

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In Alphabet - d (60) Names
Name Meaning Select
Daiwik By the grace of God
Dakshesh Lord Shiva
Dakshi The glorious
Daman Controller
Damodar Lord Krishna
Danvir Charitable
Darpad Lord Shiva
Darpan Mirror
Darsh Lord Krishna
Darshan Paying Respect
Dasharath Father of Lord Ram
Dasharathi Lord Rama
Dawoud A Prophet's name
Dayakar Merciful Lord Shiva
Dayaram Merciful
Dayashankar Merciful Lord Shiva
Debashish The Lord's blessing
Debjit One who has conquered Gods
Deep Light
Deepak Lamp