Health Tip to Curb Alcohol Addiction

Home Remedies for Alcoholism

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What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is the physical and mental addiction to alcohol. Prolonged use of alcohol will affect both physical and mental conditions, and there are also various social implications from associated behaviors. Physically it affects the digestive system, pancreas, nerves, and heart.

Common Causes of Alcoholism

Home Remedies for Alcoholism

Tip 1:

First and foremost, the person should be willing to give up alcohol. Sadly, but very true that the only way to do it is, to make a clean break.

Quit Drinking Alcohol for Better Health

Tip 2:

Eating as many apples as possible at regular intervals can, reduce your craving for alcohol. They also help to clear the toxins from the system.

Apple Prevents You from Alcohol Craving

Tip 3:

Grapes contain a pure form of alcohol. A person wanting to give up this habit should have a meal of grapes every 4-5 hours, for a month at least.

Grapes Help You Get Rid of Alcoholism

Tip 4:

The juice of bitter gourd is very good for clearing intoxication. About 3 tsps of bitter gourd juice mixed in a glass of buttermilk is very good, as it helps to heal the damaged liver also.