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Test Your Happiness Score

Happiness is an emotion that has been variously described. It is not being on a ‘high’ as some are prone to think, neither is it a state where stress is absent. Happiness is brought about by truthfully addressing various aspects of our lives and living life to its fullest.


So, do you want to find out your happiness score? Answer the following questions and find out if you are leading a happy and fulfilling life!

Answer all the questions honestly
Gender Male Female
1. Do you feel loved?*

Yes I feel loved by my friends and family
I do feel loved but not always
No, I don’t feel loved at all

2 Are you a healthy person?*

Yes I am a healthy person
I am moderately healthy although I do get sick occasionally
I am not a healthy person as I tend to fall ill quite often

3 Do you like what you are doing at work?*

I am very satisfied with what I am doing at work
My work is not rewarding in some aspects but I stay on for the money
I do not like my work at all

4 Do you help other people and try to make a difference in their lives?*

Yes I do help others as often as I can
I help people rarely, once in a while
No, I hardly help others

5 How is your financial situation?*

I am satisfied with my financial situation
Things could be better in the financial front and I do stress about it from time to time
My financial situation is quite messy and I stress a lot about it

6 Are you comfortable with your neighbors?*

Yes I am quite comfortable with my neighbors and stop by to chat with them whenever I can
I stay away from my neighbors to avoid friction
I have a bad relationship with neighbors and I feel stressed because of that

7 Do you like the time you spend with children?*

I love the time I get to spend with children
Although I like the time spent with children, they can easily stress me out
I do not enjoy being with children as they easily tire and stress me out

8 Does your home make you happy?*

My home is my special place and I love to get back there to relax
Getting back home can stressful due to the clutter
I dislike getting back home as it is disruptive and stressful

9 Are you a member of a club, group or any community?*

Yes I am part of a support group that gives me a sense of belonging
I am not a part of any group as I do not have any time left from work
I am a part of a group as I don’t think I will benefit from it

10 Do you have goals in your life and if so are you working towards it?*

Yes I have a few goals in life and I am working towards fulfilling them
I have a few goals but my present lifestyle does not allow me to pursue a fulfilling life
I am a drifter and I have set no goals in my life

* All questions for Happiness test is Mandatory


Based on the World Values Survey (WVS), that was published in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science. "Researchers measured happiness [in 97 nations] by simply asking people how happy they were, and how satisfied they were with their lives as a whole."

In this survey it was found that the citizens of Denmark were the happiest lot, Puerto Ricans were second and this was followed by people from Colombia. Residents of the United States ranked 16th in the survey.


Based on this the researchers concluded that the ingredients for happiness included increased personal freedom, prosperity, and social tolerance. They also inferred that the acquisition of wealth and the opportunity to use it as one wants without social criticism makes us happy.

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Happy to find that I am happy

tan-nd123, India

happiness calculation was nice and upto the level . thank u

yahoomed, India

I got the exact result, very nice, Thank you.

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