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An exhaustive alpahabetical Listings of baby names of boys with their meaning. Do remember that you can make multiple selection and send the names also to family and friends.

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In Alphabet - u (62) Names
Name Meaning Select
Ubaadah Old Arabic name
Ubaidah Servant of God
Ubay Old Arabic name
Uchadev Lord Vishnu
Uchit Correct
Udant Correct message
Udarathi Lord Vishnu
Udarchis Lord Shiva
Udarsh Brimming
Uday Sunrise
Udbal Mighty
Uddhav Lord Krishna's friend
Uddip Giving light
Uddiran Lord Vishnu
Uddish Lord Shiva
Uddiyan Flying speed
Uddunath Lord of stars
Udit Arisen
Udu Water
Udupati Lord of stars