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An exhaustive alpahabetical Listings of baby names of boys with their meaning. Do remember that you can make multiple selection and send the names also to family and friends.

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In Alphabet - v (181) Names
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Vachaspati Lord of speech
Vadish Lord of the body
Vagindra Lord of speech
Vagish Lord Brahma
Vahin Lord Shiva
Vaibhav Glorious; Powerful; Born of the moon
Vaijayi Victor
Vaikartan Name of Karna
Vaikhan Lord Vishnu
Vaikunth Abode of Vishnu
Vainavin Lord Shiva
Vairaj Spiritual glory
Vairat gem
Vairinchya Lord Brahma's son
Vairochan Lord Vishnu's son
Vajasani Lord Vishnu's son
Vajendra Lord Indra
Vajradhar Lord Indra
Vajrahast Lord Shiva
Vajrajit Lord Indra