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An exhaustive alpahabetical Listings of baby names of boys with their meaning. Do remember that you can make multiple selection and send the names also to family and friends.

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In Alphabet - j (65) Names
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Jayendra Lord of victory
Jayesh Victor
Jayin Conqueror
Jhumar Child's plaything
Jigar Heart
Jignesh Intellectual Curiosity
Jihad Holy war
Jina Lord Vishnu
Jinadev Lord of victory
Jinendra Lord of victory
Jitendra One who can conquer Indra
Jivaj Full of life
Jival Full of life
Jivraj Lord of life
Jnhih Sun
Jogesh Lord Shiva
Joginder Lord Shiva
Jograj Lord Shiva
Jugal Couple
Jugnu Fire