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Medindia hosts over 6,50,000 health-related news items on its site, including 4,15,000 press releases. Over the past few years, publishers worldwide have utilized this platform to disseminate health information, particularly to healthcare professionals. The audience is not only from India but also from other English-speaking countries.

Exclusive Featured Option: This allows you to include a logo or image with the release. Crafting and submitting a press release can serve as an advertisement for your health-related product. Please ensure that the product does not promote any adult or offensive content.

The featured news will remain on the website for a minimum of three years. It is equipped with tools to enhance its visibility on search engines. A forum will enable viewers to share their comments on the product.

You can write your press release and submit it to us. We will review the announcement before it goes live and publish it on the site within 24 hours (1 working day).

Advantages of Premium Press Release on Medindia:

  • 1. Opting for the premium press release ensures full visibility.
  • 2. Featured on the Medindia homepage for 48 hours.(View Sample)
  • 3. Highlighted on the website for a minimum duration of three years.
  • 4. Accessible on the initial page of the press release section for a period of 15 days.
  • 5. We will review the press release before publishing and release it on the site within 24 hours (1 working day).
  • 6. Enhanced 'Search Engine' visibility by adding description, keywords, and tags.
  • 7. During this timeframe, it will engage an audience from 236 countries, generating over 10 million impressions.
  • 8. Featured on Medindia's social media platforms, including Facebook, and we'll also assist with social networking.
  • 9. It has the potential to serve as an effective advertisement for your product.
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