Indian Baby Names - Boys

An exhaustive alpahabetical Listings of baby names of boys with their meaning. Do remember that you can make multiple selection and send the names also to family and friends.

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In Alphabet - s (405) Names
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Samanyu Lord Shiva
Samarjit Lord Vishnu
Samarth Lord Krishna
Samavart Lord Vishnu
Sambha Shining
Samdarshi Lord Krishna
Sameer Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion;Wind
Samendu Lord Vishnu
Samesh Lord of equality
Samik Peaceful
Samin Self- disciplined
Samir Entertaining companion
Sammad Joy
Samrudh The Enriched One
Samvar Content
Sanat Lord Brahma
Sanchay Collection
Sandeep Glowing
Sanjay Victorious
Sanjit Who Is AlwaysVictorious