Amiodarone : Interaction with Foods, Herbs & Alcohol

Are you taking Amiodarone? Are you aware of the dangers of combining Amiodarone with certain foods, herbs, or alcohol? Drug-food-interactions are seldom discussed but can lead to undesirable side effects and potentially diminish the efficacy of the medication.

Amiodarone Interactions with Food and Herbs

Grapefruit Juice: Grapefruit juice inhibits the breakdown of amiodarone in the intestine. It is better to avoid grapefruit and its juice with amiodarone (1 Trusted Source
Dramatic inhibition of amiodarone metabolism induced by grapefruit juice

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St.John's Wort: Generally St. John's wort is not recommended when you are on amiodarone. Before start this medication, ask your doctor about the safety of using these two together.
Tobacco: Use of tobacco while taking amiodarone may lead to interactions. Too much caffeine with Amiodarone can cause side effects like nausea, nervousness, or sleeplessness.

Amiodarone Interactions with Alcohol

Use of alcohol while taking amiodarone may lead to interactions. Consuming alcohol or smoking cannabis can cause symptoms such as dizziness and drowsiness (2 Trusted Source

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When and How to Take Amiodarone

Amiodarone comes as a tablet which can be taken once or twice a day with food or on an empty stomach. Follow the instructions exactly as guided. Read the prescription label completely and follow the instructions accordingly. Don't exceed the recommended dose (3 Trusted Source
Amiodarone: Medlineplus Drug Information

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Drug Name : Amiodarone

Amiodarone is used to treat life-threatening irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias) and to maintain a normal heart rate in patients who have not responded to other medications. It is an antiarrhythmic drug.
We recommend consulting your doctor to verify the information presented on this page or if you need any further clarifications.

Amiodarone for Medical Condition(s)