Drug Interactions

Drug-Drug interaction is a reaction that occurs between two or more drugs when taken together for prevention or treating a medical illness. These interactions may either increase or decrease the activity of the other drugs, cause unexpected side effects, and permanent organ damage or death in some cases. The more the number of medications taken together, the higher is the chance of interaction of drugs with one another.

Drug-drug interactions can, however, be minimized or avoided by following measures:

Speak to your healthcare provider about the medications you have been prescribed or non-prescription drugs you plan to take.

Tell your doctor about the vitamins, nutritional or herbal supplements you take; therefore to avoid dangerous drug reactions.

Inform your prescriber if you suffer from any allergies or chronic illness such as uncontrolled blood pressure or diabetes.

Read the drug label, package inserts, medication guide or prescribing information supplied with the medications. If not provided along with the medication ask for the pharmacist to provide relevant information regarding drug interaction.

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