List of 886 Drug Prices that has been Reduced by
Govt. of India

There has been a huge demand for us to publish the names of 886 drugs in India where the price has been reduced by 0.026% to 74.53%. These drugs belong to 11 pharmaceuticals include 391 drugs from Cadila Healthcare.

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has been entrusted with the job of monitoring the prices of medicines.

As per the new guidelines wholesalers will get 15 per cent margin while retailers will be allowed 35 per cent over the cost of manufacturing of generic medicines.

The drugs where reduced pricing would help include anti-diabetic drugs, antibiotics, cough syrups, pain killers, hypertension and drugs that help cure surgical infections.

Minister Paswan making the announcement had clarified that "Medicines manufactured on or after October 2 may take four-six weeks to reach the retail counters.

A new Act, known as Drugs (Prices Regulation and Control) Act is proposed to be enacted to have effective control on prices, production, distribution and supply of medicines.

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Caution It is possible that despite our best efforts some of the information about the price may have some variations and there maybe some error in the way the drugs have been spelled.