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Benefits of Registration with Medindia

There are innumerable benefits by registering with medindia and it is all available free of cost. Medindia offers you the 'Best value' for the time you spend on its website.

The following are some of the benefits to the public and healthcare professionals- 
1. Benefits For Healthcare Professionals
2. Benefits For Public / Healthcare Professionals
3. Benefits if you wish to outsource work to medindia as a member

 :: Benefits For Healthcare Professionals

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Instant online Home Page
1. Create, design and host an 'Instant online Home Page' (Doctors & Dentists)

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Instant online Home Page for Your Hospital
2. Create, design and host an 'Instant online Home Page for Your Hospital'

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Instant online Medical Conference
3. Create, design and host an 'Instant online Medical Conference' Home Pages

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Hippocrates Oath
4. Doctors can Customize and Printout a 'Hippocrates Oath' for their clinic

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Customized Patient Information
5. Doctors can create 'Customized Patient Information' for printout

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Buy n Sell
6. View & Post Items on Medindia For 'Buy n Sell'

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Medical Jobs
7. View & Post 'Medical Jobs' on Medindia

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Alumni Page
8. Create a personal 'Alumni Page' on Medindia
 :: Benefits For Public / Healthcare Professionals

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My e-Health Record
1. Create and store instant 'My e-Health Record' for yourself and your family members.

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200,000 health related database
2. Search through '200,000 health related database' of doctors, hospitals, chemists, pharmaceuticals, surgical Equipments, NGO's, Medical colleges and much more.

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Discussion Forum
3. Participate on Medindia's powerful 'Discussion Forum'

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Matrimonial Pages
4. Access Medindia's 'Matrimonial Pages'

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Discounts on purchases
5. Members are eligible for 'Discounts on purchases' through Medindia's website.

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Healthcare Informatics Conferences
6. Discounts on 'Healthcare Informatics Conferences' hosted by Medindia or its affiliates.

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e-Health Alerts
7. Free 'e-Health Alerts'
 :: Benefits if you wish to outsource work to medindia as a member

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15% Discounts on web related healthcare jobs.
Medindia provides complete e-health solution to its members. We can provide you with your own domain name, design and host your health related website. We could also provide you with contents.

We can offer customized healthcare websites for doctors, hospitals, medical conferences and Pharmaceuticals. Medindia will provide its members a "15% discount on any quotation" that they produce from the general market for the jobs they wish to be undertaken.

Rememeber -Medindia is a one stop solution to all your needs. Please note - We will only accept work if it is in line with medindia's framework of work ethics.

Warning: In return to our free service we only expect you to provide us with accurate data about yourself. We hope you do not abuse our free services. The site cross checks a lot of data and any false entry or characters by the user may lead to deletion of the entry or the homepage. Medindia reserves this right and no explanation will be provided.