Medicine, Art & Literature

Medicine is a well-known theme in famous pieces of art and literature, the relationship between them is evident in the power of expression intelligently used to reveal and record information about many types of diseases and its cure.

Adolfo Rocha

Birth - Death : 1907 - 1995
Country : Portugal
Medical School : University of Coimbra
Awards : The Montaigne Literary Prize
The PortugueseVida Literaria
The Ecureul Prize from the Bordeaux Book Fair
Fiction : Vindima ("Vintage"), 1945
Bichos (“Farrusco the Blackbird and Other Stories”), 1951
Non - Fiction : Diarios ("Diaries")
Poetry : O outro livro de Job ("The Other Book of Job"), 1944
Poemas ibericos ("Iberian Poems"), 1965