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Should Castration be used as punishment for Serial Rapists?

Yes : 77%

No : 17%

Not Sure : 6%

Yes : 261   No : 56   Not Sure : 21   

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1. Why do we tend to experience daydreams?

To Escape from Boring Tasks : 32%

To Stimulate Performance of Given Tasks : 19%

To Break Free from Stress : 32%

Can't Say : 16%

To Escape from Boring Tasks : 10   To Stimulate Performance of Given Tasks : 6   To Break Free from Stress : 10   Can't Say : 5   

2. What do you think is the major cause for fracture?

Weight Gain : 31%

Weight Loss : 8%

Age Factor : 50%

Can’t say : 11%

Weight Gain : 36   Weight Loss : 9   Age Factor : 58   Can’t say : 14   

3. What would guys prefer to do on valentine's day?

Spend time with his valentine : 38%

Spend time watching cricket with her : 8%

Watch cricket with friends : 39%

Can't say : 15%

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1. Do you know the most common cause of obesity in the world?

Eating Junk Food : 60%

Lack of Exercise : 0%

Hormonal Balance : 0%

All of the Above : 40%

Eating Junk Food : 3   All of the Above : 2   

2. Which is the best method to effectively control Diabetes?

Insulin Injection : 21%

Oral Medications : 0%

Proper Diet : 57%

Physical Activity : 21%

Insulin Injection : 3   Proper Diet : 8   Physical Activity : 3   

3. How does the pink eye spread?

Bacteria : 42%

Viruses : 38%

Chemical agents or pollens : 0%

Dirt, smoke : 0%

Physical contact with the infected person : 20%

Bacteria : 10   Viruses : 9   Physical contact with the infected person : 5   

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No. this is something brutal act, not punishment. if amount of punishment henious like this,then what difference will be in bad n good. Better, if punishment means to make society crime free not criminal free. Everyone has good n bad inside them. but how to control it thats important.
I suggest medical field can do alot to make crime free society. Criminal will die naturally. its like to make polio free society by using pulse polio movement. surely its work
vivek bhatnagar
vivekadt  Friday, August 12, 2011
not only for serial rapists but also for those who try to rape women..
PankajRahul  Saturday, June 18, 2011
I assured one day our world and also our state & country 100% rapist free environment may god bless. If changes will good other wise Castration be used as punishment for serial rapist.
James.Suri  Friday, June 10, 2011
No.. Our country is not very sexually open and active. There are many frustrated people who intentionally or unintentionally end up having unconsented sex, amounting to rape. Also there are many false rape accusations by women just to get even with the other person. Castration will result in further imbalance in the sex ratio. Pls think from the head and not from the heart. Thanks.
ashishrandhawa  Thursday, June 09, 2011
Chemical castration should be done for at least a year and they should be given time to repent and get counseled.
srmcurology  Monday, May 23, 2011
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