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Do you approve of the new proposed degree 'Bachelor in Rural Medicine and Surgery’ in order to cater to the 70% healthcare demand in rural areas of India?

Approve fully : 45%

Approve but have reservations : 16%

Disapprove fully : 35%

Not Sure : 4%

Approve fully : 100   Approve but have reservations : 35   Disapprove fully : 78   Not Sure : 10   

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1. Is the swine flu vaccination safe or are there potential risks and side effects?

Safe : 37%

Too many risks : 16%

Don't know : 47%

Safe : 25   Too many risks : 11   Don't know : 32   

2. What precautions do you take to prevent Pink Eye?

Avoid reusing handkerchiefs and towels when wiping your face and eyes : 27%

Avoid touching eyes often : 32%

Avoid sharing cosmetics with others : 12%

Washing your hands frequently : 29%

Avoid reusing handkerchiefs and towels when wiping your face and eyes : 98   Avoid touching eyes often : 116   Avoid sharing cosmetics with others : 44   Washing your hands frequently : 108   

3. What are the necessary safety measures to be taken to prevent Ebola?

Avoid traveling to places where Ebola outbreaks are prevalent : 36%

Frequent hand washing : 6%

Avoid wild meat : 9%

Protective clothing (gloves, masks, protective suits) : 5%

All of the above : 44%

Avoid traveling to places where Ebola outbreaks are prevalent : 24   Frequent hand washing : 4   Avoid wild meat : 6   Protective clothing (gloves, masks, protective suits) : 3   All of the above : 29   

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1. Do you know the most common cause of obesity in the world?

Eating Junk Food : 60%

Lack of Exercise : 0%

Hormonal Balance : 0%

All of the Above : 40%

Eating Junk Food : 3   All of the Above : 2   

2. Which is the best method to effectively control Diabetes?

Insulin Injection : 21%

Oral Medications : 0%

Proper Diet : 57%

Physical Activity : 21%

Insulin Injection : 3   Proper Diet : 8   Physical Activity : 3   

3. How does the pink eye spread?

Bacteria : 42%

Viruses : 38%

Chemical agents or pollens : 0%

Dirt, smoke : 0%

Physical contact with the infected person : 20%

Bacteria : 10   Viruses : 9   Physical contact with the infected person : 5   

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The disease is same whether urban or ruralso no need of a degree adiploma in rural health care should be started and salaries should be more than their counter parts.And the rurals will get specialist treatment as they are diploma holders after graduation
moosa  Saturday, March 06, 2010
Any specific degree is not a solution for reaching the rural population,when we have number of MBBS doctors without any job.Govt should give more incentives to the already struggling doctors for servong the rural people.Body of an individual is same whether he resides an urban or rural area.this degree is not going to teach anything special for rural humans.we should strengthen the already existing system.
hardil73  Friday, March 05, 2010
Excellent proposal to cater the needs of rural population. Its an irony that till date rural patients do not get adequate medical care in villages due to ground realities like not having roads or electricity or other baisic necessities and the doctors are more obssessed with the urban area lifestyles.
Roma.c  Friday, February 12, 2010
I think the number of medicos already passing out each year is sufficient to satisfy the healthcare demand of our country including rural areas.
Instead of investing on starting a new course, Govt. should increase the payment of docters appointed in rural areas!
yogesh82  Thursday, February 11, 2010
Admit it,you cannot build more primary health care centres along the length and breadth of the country and make quality health care accesible to the needy poor becouse the politicians ,beaurocrats,contractors,businessmen,middlemen , all want to loot the nation of its resources,therefore the paucity of funds. Go ahead destroy the health of the country.
karvy  Tuesday, February 09, 2010
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