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  • World Sepsis Day is observed worldwide on the 13th September to raise and spread awareness about sepsis, and how to prevent sepsis and deaths related to sepsis
  • Sepsis occurs when the immune system reacts to infection with an intense response by secreting powerful chemicals. This dysregulated immune reaction injures several organs causing multiple organ failure and death
  • Statistics estimate that 27-30 million persons develop annually and result in 7-9 million deaths. Those who survive sepsis may have lasting consequences. Sepsis can and should be prevented

World Sepsis Day (WSD) is observed worldwide on the 13th September to create awareness about sepsis, and how to prevent sepsis and sepsis-related deaths.

Origin of World Sepsis Day

World Sepsis Day was initiated by the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA) in 2012 with the purpose of spreading awareness about sepsis and preventing sepsis as well as related deaths. The GSA is a non-profit organization and collaborates with the World Health Organization (WHO), various groups involved in fighting against sepsis and several governments across the world to carry its campaign to the world arena.
World Sepsis Day - ‘Stop Sepsis, Save Lives’

In a major development, the World Health Organization passed a resolution on the 26th May 2017 declaring sepsis as a global health challenge, to be dealt with as a top priority and the importance of preventing sepsis and related deaths. This has been a major boost in the global crusade against sepsis.

What We Can Do to Prevent Sepsis & Sepsis-related Deaths

Sepsis and related deaths can be prevented and it is our responsibility to become involved and support the campaign and to raise awareness among the general public
  • Download campaign material from the official website such as sepsis awareness clips, posters, information leaflets, wallpapers, banners, the WSD flyer, stickers presentation templates, pink-themed stuff and much more and share widely on social media or use in your community to raise and spread awareness
  • Embed the "What is Sepsis" video in your social media account and share widely among family and friends
  • Tweet about WSD or share a story on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Download the WSD frame and click your profile picture within the frame and share with your friends on social media
  • Sign the World Sepsis Declaration on the official site to show your solidarity to the campaign
  • Distribute leaflets about WSD and sepsis prevention in prominent places in your community such as parks, malls or libraries
  • Organizations should conduct seminars or webinars to raise awareness about sepsis and its prevention
  • Health centers and hospitals should display prominent messages about sepsis and prevention in their premises
  • Print and visual media should carry prominent articles and programs and discussions by experts on how sepsis can be prevented
  • Sell pink themes stuff such as clips, pins, brooches or bracelets and donate the proceeds to charity and to fund the campaign
  • Organize an event such as a walk, marathon or even a quiz or gala event and raise funds to support the campaign
  • Make a personal or corporate donation to show your solidarity for WSD

Preventing Sepsis & Sepsis Related Deaths

Sepsis - Facts & Figures

In summary, sepsis is preventable and WSD aims to create and spread awareness about recognizing signs of sepsis and the importance of early diagnosis to prevent sepsis-related deaths. Let us all unite in this fight against sepsis.

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