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Daily Calorie Requirement for Age and Lifestyle

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Are you eating the right amount of calories? Use our nutritional utility tool to calculate the calories required for different age groups including children, teenagers, adults and older adults. Your recommended calorie intake is displayed based on how active you are. Your activity level plays a major role in determining the amount of calories needed per day for a healthy body.

. Daily Calorie Requirement for Age and Lifestyle

Do you know what the term 'calorie' actually means?
Calorie is nothing but a measure of energy that is required by your body to perform any activity. It is interesting to know that your body needs calories even when you sleep.

Looking for a daily caloric value guide to stay healthy? Enter your details below and know how much of calorie is recommended for your age and lifestyle.

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A few interesting facts on Calories
v It is recommended that 45–65% of your calories come from carbohydrates, 10–35% from proteins and 20–35% from fat.
vDue to the biological changes in the body, adolescents' caloric requirements are high.
vPregnant women require 300 calories extra per day.
v Calorie requirements of an individual can be calculated with the Harris-Benedict formula and Katch-McArdle formula.
v Eat foods with more calories and less fat to stay healthy. It helps maintain ideal body weight.
v If you eat more calories than you need, it would be difficult to reduce weight.
vNuts are rich in calories. They contain protein, fiber, mono and polyunsaturated fats and other vitamins and minerals.
  • Estimated calorie needs per day by age, gender, and physical activity level. Retrieved from http:// Publications/USDA FoodPatterns/ EstimatedCalorieNeedsPerDayTable.pdf

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Posted by:  ali14, N/A  Posted on: 2/26/2013
my height is 160cm and weight is 62kg plz suggest me the food so i can reduce my belly fat due to sitting for long tims in office.
Posted by:  nitheya, India  Posted on: 2/18/2013
my height is 147cm and weight is 55kg.please suggest me to loose weight
Posted by:  Saravanan67, India  Posted on: 1/30/2013
I have Normal weight of 62 and Height of 168 cms and TGL is high 208 LDL is 108 How this is possible
Posted by:  ammarumatiya, India  Posted on: 1/29/2013
Posted by:  KK_TENALI, India  Posted on: 1/20/2013
My age is 31 years and my height is 5'8 feet but body structure is very Normal having wight is 84 kgs.
Please advice me the food schedule.
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