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Count the Calories in your Daily Diet

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Are you a fitness freak relishing the Indian cuisine? Use this appplication to calculate the calories in an Indian diet and find out if your diet meets the daily calorie recommendations for your height and weight.

Also find out the foods having low calorific value and plan your weight loss program efficiently.
. Count the Calories in your Daily Diet
Personal & Lifestyle Details
Sex Male Female Your Lifestyle & Nature of Work
Lightly Active
Moderately Active
Very Active
Extremely Active
Height  cm   (or)  
 ft   Inches
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By Meal Time Food: A-Z
Nutritional Facts:
vBy cutting down 500 calories from your daily calorie intake, you can lose 1 kg of your weight in approximately 17 days.
vBurn more calories with physical activities. Choose foods that are larger in volume but contain low calories.
vStep up with 10,000 steps to burn 300 Calories. Click here to find out the calories spent for various physical activities.
v One banana contains calories equivalent to that in eight pieces of watermelon.
v One mango contains calories equivalent to that in three apples.
Dietary Guidelines for Indians, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad
Some Common Indian Recipes and Their Nutritive Value, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad

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Posted by:  JiggyJiggy, United States  Posted on: 4/14/2014
i am 40 yr old woman and weigh 150lb. i am overweight as my age and height. I was 135lb in 2012, at 38yr old and gain about 15 lb in two year near my 40's. I join gym and Like to fat from lose bally, thighs, arms...Pls help me
Posted by:  jack17482, India  Posted on: 3/13/2014
i m 31 yrs old man having 85kg weight and wanted to reduced it to 70kg. i have already started walking running, 1 hour daily and also playing cricket for 1.5 hours daily. please suggest me diet plan for less calories intake.
Posted by:  Hari46, India  Posted on: 1/13/2014
I want lose weight in my buns, abs, thighs... Within next jan i am want lose 25-30 weight plz help mme...
Posted by:  rajju, India  Posted on: 1/9/2014
i am 48yrs old woman weighing 65kgs and my daily intake is about 1300 calories i do yoga regularly but i am not able to lose weight pls help
Posted by:  anita61, India  Posted on: 11/6/2013
I am a Bengali Lady, aged 60 ,weight-49kg,height-140cm,LDL cholesterol-125,HDL cholesterol-72,Trygliceride-96,Total cholesterol ratio-3.0.BMI-25.0 Please provide daily diet chart of 1176 calories approx
View More
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