Gestational Diabetes Calculator or Pregnancy Diabetes Calculator (WHO)

Gestational (Pregnancy) Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a type of 'temporary diabetes' in which pregnant women have high blood sugar (glucose) level. The incidence of GDM has been reported to be 2% to 4% and this may be even higher among Indian women. Symptoms of gestational diabetes include excessive thirst, tiredness and increased urination and at times, it can be easily missed till a complication takes place.

All women who are pregnant should get tested to rule out the possibility of diabetes. Once this condition is diagnosed remember that the chances of getting gestational diabetes in the next pregnancy is almost 40% and the risk of developing type II diabetes increases to 50% within the next 20 years.

The Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) calculator requires you to undertake a lab blood test called the 'Oral Glucose Tolerance Test'. And once you have the fasting glucose level and a value 2 hours after taking 75 gm of glucose, please enter the values into the calculator to know your risk of having Gestational (Pregnancy) Diabetes.
This Calculator is based on the guidelines provided by World Health Organization.

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Facts about Pregnancy Diabetes:

vThe child born to a mother with GDM is at a high risk for glucose intolerance, diabetes and becoming obese in future.
v The baby may be born with breathing disorders and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
vThe most common problem associated with gestational diabetes is macrosomia in which, baby is born weighing more than 4 kg.
vGiving birth to a heavier baby may be a problem at the time of delivery and hence cesarean delivery is preferred.
vCongenital malformation is one of the reasons why babies die when born to women with the gestational diabetes.
v Ethnicity plays a major role in gestational diabetes. Women of the following ethnic groups have higher chances of having gestational diabetes.
  • African Americans
  • Hispanic or Latino Americans
  • American Indians
  • South Asian
v Controlling the blood sugar level either by following proper diet or by taking insulin as suggested by your gynecologist can help overcome the fetal and maternal complications.

Diet Tips for Gestational (Pregnancy) Diabetes:

It is important for a woman with Gestational (Pregnancy) Diabetes to follow a healthy diet plan and keep her blood sugar (glucose) level under control.
  • Include fat and protein in moderate amounts. Some of the protein rich foods include meat, fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts.
  • Taking whole fruits is a healthier choice than drinking juices.
  • Your carbohydrate intake must account for less than half of the calories you take.
  • Eat sugar-free sweets.
  • Cut down your hamburger and cheese that are rich in saturated fats.