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Pregnancy is a momentous phase in a woman’s life. Preparing for motherhood and at the same time feeling the baby grow inside the womb makes this a very special period of life. However some mothers need more care, understanding and support than others because they belong to a high risk group. Find out if you belong to the high risk group using our calculator. High risk pregnancy is harmful to both the mother and the fetus and can mean birth-defects, fetal deformity, miscarriage, still-birth or even worse, death of the mother. If your pregnancy falls in this category then consult your doctor and follow some of the advice that will appear in our result page.

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Facts about High Risk Pregnancy

Major reasons why around 80% of mothers die at childbirth (or maternal mortality) include:
  • Severe bleeding (mostly bleeding after childbirth)
  • Infections (usually after childbirth)
  • High blood pressure during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia and eclampsia)
  • Unsafe abortion
Women who have had given birth to more than four babies are at higher risk of dying at childbirth (maternal mortality).
It is found that the maternal mortality rate is higher in case of poor and less educated women.
The recent survey conducted by WHO reveals the shocking fact that nearly 3 million girls between the age group of 15 and 19 have an unsafe abortion every year.
Babies born to adolescent girls are at 50% higher death risk than babies of women between 20 and 29 years.
It is estimated that more than 3 million newborn babies die every year and around 2.6 million babies die in the mother’s womb.
According to WHO, an estimate of about 16 million adolescent girls (teenagers) mostly belonging to low-income and middle-income countries give birth every year. Adolescent girls are at high-risk if they get pregnant.




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nwamaka, Nigeria

what are the complication associated with herpertitise b,hypertention and pregnancy.e
what is the home remedy for that.

mogli_786, India

i was doing sex on 7th feb 2011 and after that i had my period , now i think that i am pregnant but i have doubt on my pregnancy that am i really pregnant or not???


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