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Are you stressed too much? Stress is a condition or situation that places a demand on the body's physical, mental and emotional energy. Stress is a part of everyone's life and natural activation of the body's stress-response system gives you extra strength and courage to be alert and stay focussed. However, chronic stress can threaten your physical and emotional well-being and trigger health problems such as anxiety disorder, depression, sleep problems, diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems and many psychosomatic illnesses.

When you come across a challenging situation, your body swiftly releases a surge of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to tackle the crisis and you experience some physical and emotional changes like faster heartbeats, increased blood pressure, fear, anger, confusion, and sweating. If you have successfully overcome that particular challenge and your body returns to the relaxed state then, such a situation is termed as "good" or "acute stress". On the other hand, if the stress is continuous and you are not relaxed, then it is called "bad" or "chronic stress".

Take Medindia's Life Stress Test (Life Stressor Chart) to check out how stressful your life is and make the necessary lifestyle changes before it is too late. Learn more about the ways to deal with stress and relaxation techniques.

Life Stressor Chart
Ethinicity *
Gender * Male Female
Age *
Read the life events listed below and if any of these have occurred in the last two years check the box.
Marriage and Relationship
 Gaining a new family member (birth, adoption, older adult moving in, etc.)
 Major change in the number of arguments with spouse (either a lot more or a lot less than usual regarding child rearing, personal habits, etc.)
 Marital reconciliation with mate
 Marital Separation from mate
 Sexual Difficulties
 Son or daughter leaving home (marriage, attending college, joined military)
 Trouble with in-laws
 Foreclosure on a mortgage or loan
 Taking on a loan (for car, tv, freezer, etc.)
 Taking on a mortgage (for home, business, etc.)
Work Related
 Being fired at work
 Changing to a different line of work
 Major business readjustment
 Major change in financial state (a lot worse or better off than usual)
 Major change in responsibilities at work (promotion, demotion, etc.)
 Major changes in working hours or conditions
 Retirement from work
 Spouse beginning or ceasing work outside the home
 Trouble with the boss
Change in Lifestyle
 Beginning or ceasing formal schooling
 Changes in residence
 Changing to a new school
 Major change in church or temple activity (a lot more or less than usual)
 Major change in eating habits (a lot more or less food intake, or very different meal hours or surroundings)
 Major change in living condition (new home, remodelling, deterioration of neighbourhood or home etc.)
 Major change in number of family get-togethers
 Major change in sleeping habits (a lot more or a lot less than usual)
 Major change in social activities (clubs,movies,visiting,etc.)
 Major change in usual type and/or amount of recreation
 Major holidays
 Outstanding personal achievement
 Revision of personal habits (dress manners, associations, quitting smoking)
Violations and Law
 Detention in jail or other institution
 Minor violations of the law (traffic tickets, jaywalking, disturbing the peace, etc.)
Death & Injury
 Death of a close family member
 Death of a close friend
 Death of spouse
 Major personal injury or illness
* Required

Facts about Stress:

Stress may be of three kinds including
  • Routine stress (work, family and other day to day pressures)
  • Stress due to unexpected events in life (losing job, relationship problems-divorce, illness)
  • Traumatic stress (major accidents, natural disaster)
A Stress-free life will not make people happier and successful.
Each person reacts differently to the same situation.
Some relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation help reduce your stress by activating bodys natural relaxation response.
Yoga has double advantage as it enhances flexibility, strength and stamina apart from relieving anxiety and stress.


How to Prevent Stress Top Ten Tips

  • Avoid situations that make you feel stressed.
  • Learn to say NO to the tasks that you cannot complete.
  • Prioritize your "to do" list to manage your time better.
  • Avoid relationship problems by improving your communication.
  • Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with your soulmates.
  • Have positive thoughts.
  • Pat yourself on the back for your achievements.
  • Be physically active. Do exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Have a good night's sleep.
  • Have a balanced diet and develop healthy food habits.



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reza.shamim74, Bangladesh

I cannot say anything right now. But this attempts is not bad.

vaishali9524, India

In what aspect this calculator Assess one persons stress?

FionaLouise, New Zealand

Errr what's the criteria for assessing if it is stress free or not?! My result came back that i'm living a stress-free life, despite the fact that I have selected, death of a spouse, personal illness, change in residence, major changes in working hours, living conditions etc. All things that are very stressful!!!

diala_fouani, Lebanon

I think this test is good but not applicable everywhere. And why using positive and negative changes in the same indicator as Spouse beginning or ceasing work outside the home
and some changes could have positive imapct on our life


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