Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Let''s Unite in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Let's Unite in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

by Dr. Lakshmi Venkataraman on Oct 9 2019 2:58 PM
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  • Breast cancer awareness is a major event observed worldwide in the month of October to raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment
  • In 2018 alone, about 2.1 million new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed across the world with 627000 death related to breast cancer
  • All of us should become involved and unite in the fight against breast cancer, which could potentially save the lives of several women, and giving them a chance to lead a normal life
Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and the second leading cause of death worldwide. Therefore, breast cancer awareness month is a campaign observed worldwide in October every year to educate the general population, especially women, about the warning signs of breast cancer and the need to seek urgent medical attention, if they occur.
The earliest edition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) was observed in October 1985 by the American Cancer Society to raise awareness and educate women, especially about breast cancer and to reduce related deaths. Since then, it has become a major annual event and observed worldwide. The primary aim of this campaign is to highlight the importance of performing periodic self-breast examinations and to undergo regular mammography (x-ray of the breasts) to help early detection and treatment of breast cancer.


The Pink Ribbon – Global Symbol of Breast Cancer

In 1991, the Susan Komen Foundation conducted a “Race for Cure” for breast cancer survivors in New York City and gave pink masks to all participants. Since then, the color pink came to be first associated with breast cancer and now recognized and used widely in breast cancer awareness campaigns across the globe, after the establishment of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 1993.


How We Can Help To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Each one of us has a responsibility to get involved and contribute our mite to raise awareness about breast cancer importance of early diagnosis and treatment. Campaign materials are available widely on official websites, and can be used to spread breast cancer message
  • Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to post and share educational and inspiring messages using the pink ribbon, which is the global breast cancer symbol
  • Survivors of breast cancer and their close families can share their experiences, struggles and real-life stories on social media, to inspire and help similarly affected women and their families to learn from and stay positive
  • Light up prominent buildings and landmarks in the neighborhood in pink color and display breast cancer awareness posters and banners to gain maximum reach among the population
  • Distribute breast cancer awareness leaflets and pink ribbons to general public in prominent locations of the community such as malls, libraries and educational institutions
  • Offices and workplaces can be decorated in pink and employees can show solidarity to the campaign by dressing in pink or wearing the pink ribbon on their dress
  • We can make an individual donation to support the campaign and organizations should show their support to the campaign by making corporate donation
  • Along with other community members, we can organize events such as walkathons or marathons or a fun-filled gala event or quiz in the local park to educate and spread the message about breast cancer awareness and donate the proceeds to charity or breast cancer research
  • Doctors and clinics can provide free well woman check-ups and mammograms at a discount to urge more women to go for these check-ups
  • Print and visual media and local FM stations should carry/broadcast articles, discussions, and programs about recognizing early warning signs of breast cancer to save millions of lives
  • Individuals and non-profit organizations can organize sale of pink themed tee shirts, mugs, bracelets, pins brooches and other stuff either locally or via social media to raise awareness about breast cancer and give away the profits to support the campaign
  • Popular personalities from the film and entertainment industry and sports such as football or cricket players can wear pink ribbons and appear in campaign advertisements and programs to show their solidarity and to spread the message to the population


Warning Signs of Possible Breast Cancer - Self Examination

Every woman must be aware of the warning signs of breast cancer and the importance of breast self-examination and regular mammograms to detect breast cancer early, so that a cure is possible

Here's How to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer cannot be prevented, but here are a few things that can help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer In summary, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a major global event observed in October to educate women about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and seek early medical attention so that it's possible to cure the illness and potentially save the lives of numerous women. Let's get united in the fight against breast cancer.

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