Breast Lumps-Screening


Breast lumps must never be neglected but instead be subjected to medical examination to rule out cancer.

Breast lumps are common enough in women of all ages and may be caused by injuries, infections, non-malignant growth or cancer.

Breast Cancer

Routine breast cancer screening is carried out usually in healthy women above the age of 40 years with intent of detecting breast cancer even before the lumps appear.

Breast cancer deaths have declined in several parts of the world due to early detection and efficient treatment methodologies.

Once a breast lump appears it must not be neglected but subjected to medical examination to rule out cancer.

A breast lump is evaluated by taking the medical and family history of the patient, which is then followed by a physical examination. The risk factors associated with the patient are also observed.


Mammograms and breast scans are reliable screening tools.

In case of a family history genetic tests and breast MRI are also recommended.

Self-examination is not aggressively encouraged, as it tends to detect the cancer at a more advanced stage. The American Cancer Society now recommends it as a choice that can be exercised after the mandatory mammogram.

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