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1. The muscles of the eye move more than 100,000 times a day.

2. Most people blink about 25 times per minute.

3. An average human eye blinks about 6,205, 000 times.

4. The human eyeball is 24.5 mm long.

5. Every hour, the human eye can process 36,000 bits of information.

6. The eyelashes shed by a human in his entire life is of 30 m length.

7. Blinking of one eye causes movement of 200 muscles.

8. There are 1,200, 000 optic fibers in the human eye.

9. The lens of the human eye is composed of 65 % of water and 3% of  protein.

10. We shut our eyes for 0.3 seconds, when we blink.

11. Color blind people find it hard to distinguish colors like green and red.

12. At birth every one is color blind.

13. The human eye has 110-130 million receptors to perceive light.

14. The human eye contains five to seven million receptors for color perception.

15. The human eye cannot perceive a motionless image.

16. The eyes have the fastest reacting muscle in the whole body. It contracts in 1/100th of a second.

17. Iris is the part of the eye that determines the color of the eye.

18. The human eye contains structures called Rods and cones. Rods register  the shapes of images and respond to low levels of light and cones responds to bright light and registers the color of images.

19. Newborns will cry out without tears for the first three to six weeks.

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