Circulatory System

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1. The heart muscles will stop working only when we die.

2. Every second, 15 million blood cells are destroyed in the human body.

3. Platelets, which form a part of the blood cell component are produced at  the rate of 200 billion per day.

4. An adult human body contains five to six liters of blood and an infant  has about one liter of blood.

5. Except the heart and lungs, all the other parts of the body receive their blood supply from the largest artery of the body, the aorta.

6. The Pulmonary vein is the only vein in the human body that carries oxygenated blood while all the other veins of the body carries de-oxygenated blood.

7. Human blood is colorless. It is the hemoglobin; a pigment present in the red blood cells that is responsible for the red color of the blood.

8. Heartbeat is nothing but the sound produced by the closure of valves of the heart when the blood is pushed through its chamber.

9. A women's heart beat is faster than that of a man's.

10.The human heart continues to beat even after it is taken out  of the body or cut in to pieces.

11. On an average, the human blood circulates through the whole body every 23 seconds.

12. On an average an adult's heart pumps about 4,000 gallons of blood each day.

13. The left side of human heart is much thicker and stronger than the right side.

14. Human blood is a make up of Red Blood Cells carrying oxygen, White Blood Cells that fight disease, Platelets that help the blood to clot and a liquid called plasma.

15. Every day 440 Gallons of blood flow through the kidney.

16. Red Blood Cells lasts only for about 4 months before they wear out.

17. Red Blood Cells are the only cells in the body that do not have a nucleus.

18. There are about 30 - 40 billion white blood cells present in our body to fight against infective and foreign organisms.

19. Capillaries are so small that it would take ten of them to equal the thickness of a human hair.

20. The Human heart beats 30 million times a year.

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