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What are the Advantages of Breast Milk to the Child?

There are numerous health benefits both for the mother and the child if breastfeeding is resorted to. The advantages of breast milk for the baby include-

  • Breastfeeding strengthens the immune system. During breastfeeding the mother passes on antibodies to the infant. It helps the infant fight infection and diseases like ear infections, meningitis, diarrhea and respiratory infections. According to researchers, infants receiving breast milk exclusively for 4 or more months have 40% fewer episodes of ear infections. It is a boon for the premature baby. It acts as a protective shield against allergies, asthma, and obesity.
  • It is easily assimilated by the infants’ body due to the perfect combination of protein (whey and casein), lactose and fat.
  • Studies have indicated that breastfed infants are less prone to childhood obesity than others.
  • Breastfed infants have fewer dental cavities throughout their lives.
  • Additionally, breast-fed infants have a higher IQ than those that are not. Statistics reveal that children breastfed for a period of 6 months and alone, exclusively, possess a 5 to 10 points higher IQ than formula-fed infants.
  • Psychological security- Breast-fed infants are closer to their mothers and feel secure with them more than others. There is a special feeling of bonding between them.
  • Breastfed children develop fewer psychological, behavioral and learning problems as they grow older.
Advantages of Breast Milk to the Child


Esau04 Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Breast milk contains all the water and nutrients that an infant needs to satisfy hunger, thirst, and growth.

fionalangsharpe Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wow can't believe you would allow a formula add to run with this article. Constantly undermining women with adds like these decreases the rates of breastfeeding. Increases the health risks to our children. Please reconsider your advertising. Thank you

koffi Tuesday, August 23, 2011

breast milk is always ready at all time for the baby, it does not take time for it to be prepared,it does not have a money value,available always at the right temperature not too hot or not too cold,free from microbes,

s_mayur Thursday, March 31, 2011

please let me know what is the normal time taken for the milk to come into the breast after delivery. rgds Mayur Deshmukh

abeer19 Saturday, November 6, 2010

only????? is it related to genes? if non brothers feed from the same mother does this affect their biological cells or genes?

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