by Anne Trueman on  May 18, 2013 at 11:55 AM Health Watch
You Will Invite Hatred by Fat Talk
You might be conscious about being overweight but make a point to avoid talking about your obesity with others, as nobody likes it or is interested in.

Recently scientists have noted others are going to despise you if you talk about your obesity. They said that routine statements such as talking about bodily appearances, exercise habits, or eating are generally disliked by others.

Prof. Alexandra Corning, the research associate professor of psychology and the director of Notre Dame's Body Image and Eating Disorder Lab conducted a study with his colleagues where some college going women were given a series of images of thin and fat women who were having a fat talk.

The study was presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association annual conference.

The scientists subsequently asked the women to rate the pictures on various parameters such as popularity, likeability, etc.

The researchers found out that women indulging in fat talk were rated least likeable irrespective of whether they were obese or not.

Prof. Corning said, "The take-home message is that if women engage in fat talk in the hope of enhancing their social bonds, their attempts may have the effect of backfiring."

The behavior is omnipresent and scientists believe that nine out of every ten women indulge in fat talk.

Prof. Corning mentioned, "Though it has become a regular part of everyday conversation, 'fat talk' is far from innocuous."

She added. "It is strongly associated with, and can even cause, body dissatisfaction, which is a known risk factor for the development of eating disorders."

The experts said, "This study does not test that assumption, but it instead asks women how much they like a fat-talker."

Dr. Corning believes that her research can help the national efforts to stay away from fat talk in college campuses.

Corning wishes to conduct a follow-up with advanced research on the same topic.

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