It is not only the celebrities who undergo liposuction. There have been recent reports of teenagers in Chinese schools opting for procedures like abdominal liposuction.

Every individual is in search of ways and means to achieve the ‘body beautiful.’

Body aesthetics has been practiced even as early as 30,000B.C. It was in the 1980s that liposuction or ‘suction assisted lipectomy’ became an important and popular method of body contouring.

Liposuction translated literally means-suctioning of the body fat. In this procedure the doctor identifies areas of excess or abnormal fat deposition and sucks it out leading to a well contoured shapely look.


The equipment required for liposuction is usually a suction pump, some length of non-collapsible tubing and a canula. The suction pump creates a vacuum that vaporizes the fat and then sucks it out. A long length of tube connects the pump to the canula, which is a small tube with holes at its end, and sides which when inserted under the skin helps in sucking the fat.

It is usually best done by a plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia could be used for this operation. Depending on the patient’s request and his general health, the surgeon decides the amount of fat that can be sucked out. The operation may be combined with breast lift, tummy tuck, and face lift or any other cosmetic procedure .

Complications could range from minor bruising to major problems like nerve injuries, organ injuries, shock, fat embolism and lung problems.

Liposuction helps a person gain confidence, improves self and ‘body image’.

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