Aging Women Talk More About Old Age and Waning Youth

by Savitha C Muppala on Feb 24 2013 11:52 PM

 Aging Women Talk More About Old Age and Waning Youth
Women seem to be putting themselves down constantly as they get older, and the usual refrain of ‘I look so old’ is being replaced by ‘I look so fat’ , according to a recent research.
What begins as “I don’t like the way my legs look”, or “I envy your long legs”, soon changes into old talk with more mention about wrinkles and looking old.

Trinity University psychologist Carolyn Black Becker got a bit intrigued about old talk and teamed up with a fitness instructor who was part of a movement to put an end to body dissatisfaction among aging women.

Body dissatisfaction is connected to a whole range of problems like low self-esteem, depression, unhealthy behaviors and eating disorders.

A whole lot of negativity is associated with aging women and there seemed to be a pattern to it. Among women who took a survey, nearly 80% of them reported talking occasionally about being fat, and half of the women talked about getting old. The bad part is, they engaged in such conversations frequently.

Researchers said that negative self talk is not good for women and both conversations related to fat talk and old talk were connected with enhanced body dissatisfaction. Such dissatisfaction about one’s body can lead to eating disorder behaviors such as limiting food or even overeating.


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