by Anne Trueman on  August 22, 2013 at 12:10 PM Health Watch
Solve Brain Games and Enhance Your Brain Power
Mind exercises such as riddles, teasers and puzzles energize and sharpen your mental powers.

Physical workouts are essential for your body and mental workouts are vital for enhancing your brain power. Your brain requires stimulation to be in peak shape.

The human brain† is constantly adapting to the environment. Even during old age, the brain can develop new neurons. The human brain has an extraordinary and amazing quality called neuroplasticity- the ability to change and adapt. Experts believe that by harnessing the power of neuroplasticity, you can augment your ability to comprehend and learn.

According to experts, mental stimulation enhances mental functions and avoids cognitive degradation. Studies have revealed that you can prevent Alzheimer's disease by challenging and engaging your brain in mental activities. It is therefore said that cognitive and mental stimulation proactively contribute to the improvement of brain functioning. Mental exercises can be done by solving puzzles, Sudoku, crosswords and Scrabble.

Mental diseases lead to serious mental decline but age-related memory losses are due to inactivity and lack of brain stimulation. Keep your brain healthy with proper diet and mental exercises, and you can enhance your cognitive functions and can increase your memory.

Use it or lose it-stands absolutely true for brain functioning.

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