Toxic Seaweed Claims Woman's Life in Thailand

by Dr. Trupti Shirole on Feb 8 2011 11:26 PM

 Toxic Seaweed Claims Woman`s Life in Thailand
Food poisoning that resulted due to consumption of toxic seaweed claimed a New Zealand woman's life while she was holidaying in Thailand, while two of her friends are seriously ill.
Sarah Katherine Carter, Amanda Eliason and Emma Langlands became ill after eating at a food market in Chiang Mai. Sarah, 23, lost consciousness and passed away at the Chiang Mai Ram Hospital, in northern Thailand while one of her friend Amanda Eliason, 24, is recovering from an emergency heart surgery, while Emma Langlands, 23, is recovering in the general ward.

Sarah's father said, "It appeared to be just bad food poisoning. She appeared withdrawn and not sounding that good, but seemed all right. But within an hour of our conversation the thing just spread to her heart and strangled her heart." The New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok is providing the necessary assistance and is in contact with the families of the three ladies.