by Rishika Gupta on  May 3, 2018 at 3:55 PM Health Watch
  • Acupuncture could be new possible treatment for tackling dental anxiety.
  • An estimated 30 percentage of people worldwide are suffering from dental anxiety which is nothing but anxiety before going to the dentist.
  • After acupuncture was used, dental anxiety dropped by eight points.

Want To Tackle Dental Anxiety? Try Acupuncture
Acupuncture may help reduce dental anxiety in patients who experience them, finds a new study. The findings of this study are published in the journal of European Journal of Integrative Medicine.

This type of anxiety has been reported to be seen in nearly 30% of the adult population worldwide. Nausea, difficulty breathing and dizziness are some of the symptoms that could be experienced by the patients.

Sharp needles, anesthetics or the fear of pain are some of the reasons behind dental anxiety.

In review with 800 patients in 6 trials, researchers from the University Of York measured anxiety levels of dental patients using point scale. From this they found that after acupuncture, the dental anxiety levels dropped by eight points, leading them to believe acupuncture could be a possible new treatment option for dental anxiety.

Only limited researchers have been done so far to see acupuncture's effect on anxiety. Out of 120 trials across countries, only six trails were eligible for review in this study, with two showing high-quality methods.

"There is increasing scientific interest in the effectiveness of acupuncture either as a standalone treatment or as an accompanying treatment to more traditional medications," said Hugh Mac Pherson, Professor of Acupuncture at the University of York.

"We have recently shown, for example, that acupuncture treatment can boost the effectiveness of standard medical care in chronic pain and depression" he added.

When a comparison between acupuncture patients and non-acupuncture patients was made, eligible differences in dental anxiety scores were noted. Reduction in anxiety was noted in patients who received acupuncture.

To increase the robustness of the findings, large-scale controlled trails needs to carried out. No conclusions were drawn in between patients that received acupuncture as an intervention and those that received placebo treatments.

The lead author of the study has said that if acupuncture was integrated as a dental practice, more high-quality research needs to be done as the other studies have shown that it can have lasting effect.

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