Diwali Safety Tips to Follow While Bursting Crackers

by Dr. Jayashree Gopinath on Oct 22 2022 10:48 PM
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  • The countdown to Diwali has begun and preparations are in full swing in most households
  • A lot of people have lost their eyesight and have got serious burns due to carelessness
  • Hence, it is important to pay close attention to your safety by following certain safety tips
It’s time for Diwali, the festival of lights. These celebrations are associated with rangolis, sparklers, delicious food, and family bonding. The festival is also a time when the safety and security of your family members and your house can be a cause of concern. You must ensure that everyone enjoys the festivities wholeheartedly but also, safely.
Safety doesn't just mean being careful around lamps and firecrackers. It includes many other factors like keeping homes safe, ensuring the comfort of the elderly, protecting children from burns, and guarding pets against the loud sounds resulting from the bursting of crackers.

Take a look at the safety tips that are absolutely essential for you and your family during the festival of Diwali.



Diwali is the time when our homes are lit with the glow of beautiful earthen lamps. While they add brightness to our lives, diyas can also start fires if not used properly. So, ensure that you and your family are protected from fire-related accidents (1 Trusted Source
Safety Tips For Diwali

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Safety Tips to Follow While Using Lamps

  • Make sure you keep the lamps away from the curtains and other inflammable objects
  • Avoid lighting diyas or candles near electrical wiring
  • Place lamps on the ground or on a flat surface so that they stand firm
  • Keep kids away from the diyas, so that they do not accidentally burn themselves
  • Keep doorways clear, so that children don't trip on diyas, fall, or hurt themselves



Firecrackers are a big part of Diwali celebrations but they can lead to accidents if not handled properly.

Safety Tips to Follow While Using Firecrackers

  • Buy firecrackers from reputed companies to ensure that they are of good quality
  • Allow your children to burn firecrackers only under adult supervision
  • Burst the firecrackers in open spaces and under open skies
  • Do not light firecrackers near electric wires or poles


Disposal and Littering

Dispose of the burnt firecrackers safely. Half-burnt crackers can turn out to be potential hazards. If not disposed of in the right manner, they can also be detrimental to the environment. Stack up used up sparklers and put them in a bucket of water before throwing them away. Clean the debris left behind from burnt crackers and get rid of them in an environment-friendly manner (2 Trusted Source
Fire Safety

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Noise and Smoke Pollution

Noise levels during Diwali can be deafening. Even if you are not burning noisy firecrackers, people in your neighbourhood may still be doing it. Elders, toddlers, pets and babies might find the noise unbearable. Babies get startled easily and often resort to crying incessantly. Moreover, sound and smoke can have adverse health effects on them.


Diwali is well known for new dresses. Parents tend to dress their children too. in the latest trends. However, dressing up in a sensible manner while bursting crackers is important for you.

Safety tips to follow while wearing clothes

  • Avoid wearing clothes made of synthetic materials, as these can catch fire easily
  • Stick to wearing cotton clothes that are not loose or flowing
  • Dress up your children in comfortable cotton clothes; try to clothe them fully
  • Tie your and your children's hair firmly to avoid any mishaps
Diwali is a time for light, love, and laughter. It is when families get together and unite in celebration. Be mindful, be joyful, and enjoy a truly beautiful Diwali with your family and your loved ones.

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