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Celebrate a Safe and Healthy Diwali Amidst COVID-19

Celebrate a Safe and Healthy Diwali Amidst COVID-19

Written by Iswarya, M. Phil
Medically Reviewed by 
The Medindia Medical Review Team on November 13, 2020 at 3:58 PM
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  • Diwali 2020 is here, but the COVID-19 pandemic has subdued the vibe and energy of the festival.
  • The word 'safe' doesn't only imply to crackers but also suggests protecting oneself from catching the coronavirus during these COVID times.
  • Maintain social distancing, wear a mask, and follow the mandatory protocols implemented by the government to enjoy a safe Diwali.
  • Don't stop yourself from celebrating Diwali because of the pandemic. Just try and adjust to the new normal to stay safe.

Diwali is one of India's most awaited festivals where people come together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness. It is that time of the year when colorful lanterns light up the night sky, and diyas and sweets fill our homes.

There is a sense of joy and bonding over crackers, delicious Diwali spread, games, and so much more. But, this year, the excitement in the air feels different. With the COVID pandemic taking over our lives, celebrating Diwali during the pandemic with the same vigor looks far-fetched.

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Various state governments have now asked people to be careful and avoid using crackers. Many still have questions about the precautions that one needs to take since the pandemic's shadow still looms large.

Do not worry! Don't let the pandemic discourage your festive mood.

Here are a few ideas to celebrate Diwali in Corona times and enjoy a safe and healthy Diwali during COVID-19 and pollution.
  • Even though it is tempting to step out to celebrate the festival with your neighbors, staying indoors makes up for a wise decision. There is more probability of people brushing against each other or coming in close contact while engrossed in the celebration.
  • Avoid bursting firecrackers as any form of smoke can trigger serious health concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic, which is still active.
  • Always wear a facemask mandatorily and make sure others around you, too, are following suit.
  • Refrain from using hand sanitizers, which are alcohol-based before lighting candles or diyas. Sanitizers are inflammable and could cause fire hazards. Wash your hands with water and soap before doing anything that involves fire.
  • Instead of carrying sanitizers everywhere, you can carry water and paper soaps. They are safer, and you can quickly wash your hands anywhere without the danger of catching fire.
  • Maintain frequent ventilation by occasionally opening your windows.
  • People who have recovered from coronavirus and have respiratory-related illness should keep their inhaler and medicines handy and follow the above precautionary tips.
Festival season is all about togetherness and strengthening bonds. Although the pandemic has subdued the festival's vibe and energy, try and adjust to the new normal. Take it as an opportunity to be around family and enjoy some quiet moments.

Stay Safe and Have a Happy Diwali

Source: Medindia

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