by Dr. Reeja Tharu on  December 4, 2012 at 12:54 PM Health Watch
Asparagus Can Ward Off Diabetes
Asparagus a common vegetable could be a new culinary tool that can be used to fight diabetes!

According to recent study the regular intake of this vegetable controls blood sugar levels by boosting the production of the hormone insulin, which helps the body to absorb glucose.

Type two diabetes accounts for 90 per cent of all diabetes cases and is currently a major health burden. Type 2 diabetes is largely caused by the lifestyles of individuals. Obesity, lack of exercise, high calorie diet are the contributing factors. Heredity too plays a role. Diabetes can increase the risk for heart attacks and blindness and can also increase a person's chances for amputation.

However, it can be easily controlled by medications and diet if detected early. The condition was once known as late-onset diabetes as it usually strikes during middle age and slowly progresses with age. But now it is very common for doctors to see very young adults, in their teens or twenties, afflicted with diabetes.

Researchers at the University of Karachi, Pakistan, carried out a study to understand the role of asparagus is staving off diabetes. They induced a diabetic state in experimental rats. These rats had high blood sugar content and low levels of insulin. Then they treated one half of these rats with asparagus extract in small or large doses everyday for a total of 28 days. The other group of rats was treated with a known anti-diabetic drug - glibenclamide.

Blood tests were then carried out to detect changes in their sugar levels. It was observed that low levels of asparagus extract reduced blood sugar levels but high levels of the extract was required to ensure an adequate production of insulin.

The study supports earlier research that highlighted the anti-diabetic property of asparagus.

The results of the present study have been published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Source: Medindia

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