Walking for Fitness and Weight Loss

What are the benefits of Walking?

A few extra steps a day is enough to keep you fit. With every season comes a new set of health rules and designer diets that promise you Weight loss. Some of these health rules are so rigid that following them turns out to be more of a torture than help. To be honest all those fancy weight loss remedies and expensive gym equipments is a waste, when something as simple as Walking can provide you the same benefit. Walking is not only the most natural form of Exercises but also the most inexpensive and the most accommodating of all exercises.

Walking is the only Cardiovascular activity that will not overtly Strain your heart, while giving you the stimulus that is required to pump out the extra fat. Our largest muscles are on the legs. Strengthening the leg muscles with Walking would make the Legs toned. Since it is not possible to walk without swinging your arms to some degree, Walking also tones arm muscles and melts away stubborn fat and Cellulite that tends to stick to the forearms when you hit middle age.

Walking for Fitness and Weight Loss

Walking gives you healthy lungs and increases blood circulation. It is excellent for high blood pressure patients, as well as for those with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Osteoporosis and gallstones. Walking boosts the brainpower and promotes better sleep. No wonder Hippocrates said:

"Walking is man's best medicine."

When you reach a certain age it is not advisable to do high intensity exercises like aerobics, cycling or even running on the treadmill, so Walking would be a better option.

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