Always remember,

‘You are what you eat’. Make good health a habit to make sure that you live meaningfully and happily.

1. Be conscious of the portion size when at home or outside. Eat till you are three-fourths full at every meal.

2. Eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours, and eat slowly.

3. Maintain a diet diary. Measure the food for a few days and make a note of it. Make a note of the exercise schedule too.

4. Concentrate mainly on consuming pulses, legumes, sprouts, lightly sautéed vegetables, salads, soups, fruits, and whole grain food preparations. Opt for skimmed milk products and keep the fat intake low.

5. Beverages like buttermilk, green tea, lime juice, fruit juice, iced tea, vegetable soups, and pulse soups can be had in-between to prevent excessive hunger during the main meals.

6. Sipping water/beverages with the meal is a good way to achieve the sensation of fullness so that one is able to stop eating when three-fourths full.

7. It is important to consume soups and salads before a meal. Apart from helping one lose weight, these also provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which improve bodily functions, add vigor, make one feel younger, and maintain a healthy digestive system.

8. When planning to eat out, eat a small portion of food at home in order to stop yourself from binging. Make judicious choices when eating out. Opt for salads, soups, pasta, thin-crust pizzas, and baked, grilled, roasted, lightly- cooked food. Do not hesitate to get it altered your way.

9. Monitor the weight and fat percentage every week, and draw up a record.

10. Exercise consciously for 30 minutes everyday.


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Measure the food for a few days and make a note of it. Make a note of the exercises schedule too.Maintain a diet diary


I will follow this tips for better result........!