Diabetes and Exercise-Exercise Phases

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Exercise Phases

The exercise regimen in diabetics should include warm-up phase, aerobic and cool down phase.

Warm up phase

This phase is the first 5-10 minutes at the start of the exercise and comprises low intensity, easy movements. For example, if one wishes to jog, walking prior to that is the warm up phase. Stretching and bending exercise before a game of badminton or tennis or golf for 5 to 7 minutes is another type of warm up. Stretching helps in making the body flexible and helps in preventing body soreness after exercise.


Aerobic phase

This phase comprises 20 -30 minutes of intense physical activity in people who are accustomed to a regular exercise plan. People who have just started the exercise program may not be able to maintain the aerobic phase for long, and should increase it gradually. During this phase, the heart beats faster and breathing becomes harder. Aerobic exercises helps to increase insulin sensitivity and restore normal glucose metabolism by decreasing the body fat.

Cool down phase

This phase is the last 5-10 minutes towards the end of the exercise program. The cool down phase is to allow the heart beat rate and the breathing to gradually slow down. One must never stop exercising abruptly. Walking after jogging is an example of cooling down phase.

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