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It is rightly said that, understanding is the first step towards change. In order to follow the ways to attain good health, understanding them is the first step. Good health is acquired when one follows a healthy diet, regular exercise, positive thinking, unhurried pace of living, and a sublime faith in the divine. Disease manifests in the body when nature's health laws are transgressed.

Yogic discipline with its asanas, pranayama, and meditation is a way to good health. This ancient therapy helps in treating diseases, which eventually improves personal efficiency and assists in achieving mental peace. When yoga becomes a lifestyle, it effects a radical transformation in an individual. Any health conscious person would turn to yoga and reap the benefits it offers.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition when the pancreas in the human body fails to produce insulin. Incidentally, insulin is the hormone that converts the sugar in the food into energy. Insufficient secretion of insulin by pancreas results in excess glucose level in the bloodstream, resulting in diabetes. The blood glucose is required to be used up to provide energy and fuel to the body, in order to do its work. If the level of glucose is high, it eventually affects the body parts.

A person suffering from diabetes portrays symptoms, which could be fatigue, hazy vision, excessive thirst, weight loss and an increase in appetite.

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vish123, India

Pictorial Presentation would be useful for all of us. Still its good for all. Thank you for posting this.

shan54, India

I am a heart patient and have been operated twice. I can do simple asanas/exercises. I am diabetic also. Can you suggest me some asanas/exercises for this please?


vlnath, N/A

an pictorial illustration would have been very useful for novice like me.