Diabetes and Exercise-Benefits of Exercise

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Diabetes and Benefits of Exercise

Regular exercise reduces the demand for medication by 20% in diabetics and checking the blood glucose levels before and after exercise can be a motivator to continue the exercise regimen. The benefits of exercise for diabetes are many and include:

  1. Control of blood glucose levels: Glucose is the source of energy in our body. Physical activity utilizes the glucose and helps to reduce the blood glucose levels. Physical activity also decreases the insulin resistance. A few studies have also indicated that activity increases the insulin receptors in the red blood cells. All this together helps to keep the glycosylated hemoglobin (three-month average of blood glucose levels) levels normal.
  2. Improved cardiovascular function: Individuals with type II diabetes are more prone to cardiovascular diseases (hardening of arteries, heart attack, and stroke). Exercise increases the cardio-respiratory fitness by
    • Lowering the blood pressure
    • Lowering the bad cholesterol (triglyceride)
    • And increasing the good cholesterol (HDL)
  3. Psychological benefit: Physical activity is associated with an increased sense of well-being,a positive attitude and improved quality of life.
  4. Weight control: Physical activity helps obese/overweight individuals to lose weight and also helps them to maintain a healthy BMI.
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