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'Convenience Foods'(1)

This age is the age of rapid development in all sectors. Major technological breakthroughs are taking place and revolutionizing the way we live. Gone are the days when women were confined within the four walls of their home and spent most of their time in the kitchen.

Foraying into the outside world was considered taboo for her. Times have changed and have the views of the people. These days’ women compete with men in all sectors and prove their worth both in the home and the work place. This leaves little time left for her to relax and unwind. Keeping this in view the markets are flooded with food products that do not require much time and energy for preparation. These are referred to as “convenience foods”. This term implies the foods that have already undergone some processes required during cooking so that the actual time and energy required are reduced facilitating the home maker to a large extent. Simply putting it convenience foods are very convenient for people who cannot spend much time in food preparation as well as people with little or no culinary skills.

What is new in Processed Foods?

1. Canada Bids To Follow Chile, On Putting Warnings Signs On Junk Food

Canada wants to put warning labels on the cover of foot items to warn public of high content of unhealthy ingredients. If the move is implemented, Canada would be the second country to do so but only after Chile.


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Latest Publications and Research on Processed Foods

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