Last Updated on Jun 10, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which medical specialties deal with the treatment of Ewing sarcoma?

A team consisting of orthopaedic surgeon, oncologist, medical oncologist, pediatric oncologist, radiation oncologist, musculoskeletal radiologist, and musculoskeletal pathologist specialized in diagnosing and treating Ewing sarcoma will be involved in its treatment.

2. Is primitive neuroectodermal tumor different from Ewing sarcoma?

Peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor starts in soft tissues and consists of small-blue-round cells like Ewing sarcoma. Both the tumors have same genetic alterations, that is, they are associated with translocation at chromosomes 11 and 22. Therefore, they are regarded as from the same family of tumors.

3. What is an endo-prosthesis?

Anendo-prosthesisis a replacement for a missing body part that is placedwithinthe body. In case of limb sparing surgeries, for example, a metal rod may replace the bone, while leaving the surrounding tissues (muscle, skin, blood vessels, nerves etc.) in place. Endo-prostheses are often used in limb-sparing surgery for bone tumors.

4. Are children given same treatment as adults?

Children respond well to chemotherapy. Radiation therapy might result in delayed side effects in the form of retarded growth.

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