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  • The Rutherford Cancer Centres will offer patients a range of cancer treatments and will offer high energy proton beam therapy in 2018.
  • Proton beam therapy can be used to treat difficult-to-reach cancers, including in the head, neck and spine by targeting very specific areas.
  • Across the world, Proton Beam Therapy has delivered significant results for patients, especially in lowering side effects - but the treatment was not available in the UK.

Breakthrough Cancer Treatment With PET-CT Scan To Be Launched in The UK
Proton beam therapy can be used to treat difficult-to-reach cancers, including in the head, neck and spine by targeting very specific areas.

The Newport centre will also, offer PET (positron emission tomography)-CT scans, a combination of scans to build detailed internal images and highlight potential areas of concern.

Proton Partners International has announced that will name its clinics the Rutherford Cancer Centres. The centres will offer patients a comprehensive range of cancer treatments and, from 2018, will be the first in the UK to offer high energy proton beam therapy.

The oncology centres have been named to reflect the Nobel Prize winning scientist Ernest Rutherford's contribution in identifying and naming the proton in 1911.

The Newport centre is nearing completion and will offer chemotherapy, radiotherapy and imaging via the latest planning and treatment technologies.

Treatment at the Rutherford Cancer Centres will be available to medically insured private patients, self-paying patients and patients referred by the NHS.

Professor Gordon McVie, chairman of Proton Partners International, said: "Proton Partners International is committed to transforming cancer care in the UK. The Rutherford name is synonymous with a major breakthrough in cancer treatment and therefore we felt that this was a fitting identity for our treatment centres.

"With cancer on the rise, there is a growing need for patients to be offered a holistic and sophisticated level of cancer care. Patients at the Rutherford Cancer Centres will have access to a wide range of cancer services and a treatment plan will be implemented on an individual basis."

Mike Moran, chief executive officer of Proton Partners International, added: "We are working with the world's leading technology partners to ensure that our centres are equipped with the latest cancer technology.

"Our centres will have the capacity to treat 500 unique patients a year. We will also network our centres to ensure the data they will provide can play a significant role in cancer research.

"We are committed to undertaking a genomics programme which will collate, analyse and distribute data through our research facility at the Life Sciences Accelerator centre in Liverpool."

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