by Hannah Joy on  December 19, 2016 at 5:55 PM Hospital News
Fish Skin Helps To Regenerate Tissues In Burn Victims
First time in the history of medicine, Brazilian doctors have used the skin of an aquatic animal. The skin of a tropical fish is used to treat victims with severe burns. Fish skin helps in reducing the trauma in the patients.

"The explosion left me with horrific injuries," said Maria Ines. Maria who is 36 years of age, works as a waitress in the Casa Velha restaurant in Russas, north east of Brazil.

There occurred an accident at Maria Ines Candido da Silva's workplace causing an explosion of a gas cooker canister. This incident left her arms, neck and some of her face with second degree burns.

"I was in absolute agony and desperate for anything to ease my suffering," said Maria.

The doctors at the hospital offered an alternative therapy. Application of ointments is the usual method which is replaced to dress her wounds with the skin of a Tilapia fish.

"When doctors suggested putting fish skin on my wounds I found the idea really strange. But I jumped at the chance because they said it would be far less painful than the normal treatment and easier to manage," reported Maria.

The skin was used as a Band-Aid to treat lesions.

The structure of the fish skin is similar to that of the human skin. The lipids and proteins present in the skin of the fish helps in regenerating the damaged tissue of the skin. Hence, the fish skin is used in wound healing, whether wounds related to diabetes or burns.

Source: Medindia

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