Close Pal's Death Turned Naomi as a Drug Addict

by Jayashree on Sep 4 2007 3:10 PM

Close Pal
Supermodel Naomi Campbell has revealed that the murder of her close pal Gianni Versace made her turn to alcohol and drug addiction.
Versace was gunned down outside his ocean-front mansion in Miami Beach, Florida, by spree killer Andrew Cunanan, in July 1997.

Speaking on BBC1’s ‘You Can’t Fire Me I’m Famous’, Campbell said that the way Versace was killed ‘traumatised’ her.

“That traumatised me . . . the way he was killed,” the Sun quoted her, as saying.

“I partied when I wanted to, burning the candles at both ends. It put me spiritually and emotionally on my knees,” she added.

Campbell also admitted that she had ‘booze relapses’.

Talking about her vile temper, the Briton, who was found guilty of throwing a phone at her maid, said that the ensuing community service forced her to ‘grow up’.

“I’ve a temper like any person,’ she said.


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