New Inguinal Hernia Repair Without Mesh

by VR Sreeraman on Sep 4 2007 3:10 PM

Hernia Expert Dr. Mohan Desarda Feliciated in World Congress Dr. Mohan Desarda a famous city based senior hernia surgeon is felicitated in the world congress of the Medicina Alternativa. He was given a "Special Silver Jubilee Award" on this occasion. Delegates from 23 countries from all over the world attended this world congress held in the Russian Culture House at Peddar Road Mumbai from 18 to 20th of January 2002.

The original research on the groin hernia operation by Dr.Desarda which is acclaimed internationally prompted the organizer to invite Dr.Desarda for this award and felicitation. This award was given to Dr.Desarda at the hands of His Highness Yuvaraj Shri Digvijaysingji and in the presence of the Director Head of the Zorostrian College Dr.Mrs. Meher Moose. Dr. Desarda delivered a lecture cum slide show of the Hernia disease on this occasion and also showed a videocassette of his new operation technique for groin hernia.

Dr. Desarda has developed a novel and cost effective technique of operating on the groin hernias because the traditionally done operations has much higher failure rate and patient is again put to mental and economical strains due to reappearance of hernia in spite of operation.

Use of mesh in hernia operation is costly and leads to much higher incidence of chronic groin pain than reported. Mesh is also not available in many parts of the country. "My operation is simple and patient goes home in a day and can start working normally in a week. It does not require any imported expensive material like mesh and can be done by any general surgeon without any expertise.

I have operated up on more than 500 cases of hernias which has shown virtually zero failure rate." Dr. Mohan Desarda has explained to the reporter. This operation now called as " Dr.Desarda`s Repair" is being followed in big and small hospitals of many cities all over the country. Dr.Mohan Desarda has visited to some medical institutions and hospitals in India as well as abroad on invitation from them and demonstrated his operation technique to the local doctors through video demonstration and gave information about the simplicity and success of his new technique.

"Dr Desarda said that Groin Hernia is a very common disease and can affect at any age. In this a balloon type swelling appears in the groin below the skin. Abdominal contents like intestines or omentum keeps on sliding in this sac. But sometimes those intestines get obstructed in the sac and disease becomes serious and urgent operation is needed. There is no medicinal treatment available and only operation can cure the disease.

In my operation this sac is excised and then a strip is separated from a local strong muscle. Hernia takes place because the tissues behind the hernia go weak. This separated strong strip is sutured on this weak area so that this weak area gets a new support of natural and pure tissue instead of an outside and artificial material like mesh. Surgeons all over the world are again inclined to do pure body tissue repair rather than using a foreign body like mesh.

Dr.Desarda was quite famous right from his college days for his brilliant academic record and leadership in those days. He is a national scholar and he has many gold medals and prizes to his credit. Dr.Desarda has intentions of establishing an ultra modern " Hernia Centre" where patients will get finest treatment for all types of hernias.

Some such centers are already functioning abroad. Dr.Mohan Desarda is attached as Honorary Consultant General Surgeon to the Poona Hospital & Research Centre as Professor of Surgery. Interested patients and doctors may write at: 18 Vishwalaxmi Hsg. Society Kothrud Pune-411029 or email at: [email protected] or [email protected] Tel:+91(0)9373322178