Alcohol Abuse - Alcohol Addiction - Treatment – Rehab among Woman

Alcohol Addiction and Women


Alcohol abuse among women can cause dangerous harm to their health. Alcohol Addiction is not easily acceptable to them due to social stigma hence question of treatment and rehabilitation seldom arises till it is far too late.

Alcohol poses as a serious problem for women. Whether had in small portions or consumed excessively, it effects women differently than men and is more risky for women in comparison to men.

Drinking for Peer Pressure

"To fit in to the hip crowd." It usually starts like that. A drink in hand has become a status symbol for the upwardly mobile which has given rise to an alarming increase in alcoholism amongst women.

Alcoholism is considered to be the number one killer disease in the world. Worldwide more and more women are drinking than they did a few years ago and Indian women are no exception. It is again important to understand that though alcoholism is plaguing the whole nation, but the social stigma around a woman alcoholic is much greater than around men.

Depression, anxiety, insomnia chronic body pains are other symptoms. They have blackouts and frequent hangovers that cause them to miss work and other normal activities. The liver, intestines and heart could all get affected. The digestive system goes for a complete toss.

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