Alcohol Abuse - Alcohol Addiction - Treatment – Rehab among Woman

Symptoms - Indications of Alcoholism

Symptoms - Indications of Alcoholism

Symptoms of alcohol addiction or alcoholism develops insidiously.

Like men, amongst women too, alcoholism is a disease that cuts across all socio-economic barriers. But the most difficult aspect of dealing with women alcoholics is their extreme denial of the fact that they are alcoholics and that they have a problem. On the surface, their lives appear to be fine. But privately things may be out of control, failed relationships and problems with children are a few repercussions. It is this denial that prevents them from seeing how alcohol can negatively impact their lives.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

Alcoholism can develop insidiously. The only early indications may be the unpleasant physical responses to withdrawal that occur during even brief periods of abstinence.

Depression, anxiety, insomnia chronic body pains are other symptoms.

They have blackouts and frequent hangovers that cause them to miss work and other normal activities. The liver, intestines and heart could all get affected. The digestion system goes for a complete toss.

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