Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which specialist should I consult for symptoms of jaundice, weight loss and abdominal pain?

You need to consult a general surgeon or a surgical gastro-enterologist for work up to determine the cause for your symptoms and the treatment required.

2. Can pancreatic cancer be prevented?

It may be difficult to prevent it. However eliminating the risk factors such as cigarette smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and consumption of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables may help in lowering the risk of such cancers.

3. Can regular screening prevent pancreatic cancer?

Screening is not possible in the entire population. However if you are a high-risk person with family history of malignancy or have a history of pancreatitis, you need to undergo periodic screening with MRI/CT or endoscopic ultrasound and checkup.

4. What is the prognosis of pancreatic cancer?

Ninety-five percent of the people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are not able to live more than 5 years. Very few people who have undergone the surgery are cured.

5. Why is the prognosis for pancreatic cancers poor?

Prognosis is poor because they are discovered late and often present at an advanced stage.

6. Is chemotherapy likely to be helpful for advanced stage caner?

Recent research has shown some new drug molecules that may benefit such cancer patients and prolong the survival of such patients.

Patients or their families should discuss about possible participation in such trails with the oncologist.
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