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Ayurveda Diet - Dosa

  1. Brinjal Dosa
  2. Maize Soy Dosa
  3. Finger Millet Dosa
  4. Pisirettu Dosa
  5. Ajwain Neer Dosa
  6. Wheat Dosa
  7. Herbal Leaves Dosa
  8. Fenugreek Dosa
  9. Sada Dosa
Glossary :

Sanskrit name of dosa as mentioned in ayurvedic texts

Vidaha - burning sensation & acidity

Agni - Sanskrit meaning for fire According to Ayurveda, agni governs and controls digestion and metabolism

Vata It refers to one of the three doshas. This is made of air and ether. This functional unit is characterized by movement, coldness, lightness & dryness within the body. When imbalanced it produces pain in various parts of the body.

Pitta It refers to one of the three doshas. This is made of fire and water. This functional unit is characterized by heat, temperature and digestion in the body. When imbalanced it produces heat & burning sensation in the body.

Kapha It refers to one of the three doshas. This is made of earth and water. It is characterized by fluidity, strength & nourishment. When imbalanced it produces heaviness phlegm in the body .

Dhatu - It is the basic structural and nutritional body part that supports or nourishes the seven body tissues. The seven tissues of our body are the plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bones, bone marrow & semen.


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kgbhat, India

what has ayurveda has to do with dosa.if being mentioned in some Sanskrit text qualifies it to be classified as ayurvedic so is liquor.

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Ayurveda and Diet

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